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Project Description
This project helping people to develop with Microsoft Kinect device.
It's based on OpenNi and NITE, and allow you to develop with WPF "natively".
Giving you controls to build your UI :

- KinectPointer
- KinectButton
- KinectListbox
- KinectScrollViewer
- KinectContextMenu

Installation notes
Here's a tutorial to install kinect on your PC

Once you've installed it, just run our sample project /Kinect.ShowCase, showing you all gesture, and controls included.

Don't miss to install the Kinect Project template located here : /Visual.Studio.2010.Addins you will have a "Kinect Projet Template" to create your window and begin playing with them.

If you want to use multiple hand tracking modify your config file located there : C:\{Program Files}\Prime Sense\NITE\Hands\Data\Nite.ini


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